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 X-Ray Camera - Fiber Cam
Analog 2/3 in X-ray Camera with a 16 to 50mm Fiber Taper Scintillation Surface with a variable thickness Gadolinium Oxysulphide (GdOs) scintillation layer. Perfect for inexpensive inspection instruments where cost is a factor.

The Fiber Cam represents a new way to capture X-ray images with standard analog CCD sensors. The Fiber Cam is a standard 2/3" monochrome CCD Camera with a fused fiber optic bundle that is attached directly to the image sensor with proprietary technology. It is designed for OEMs who wish to use a standard camera with X-Ray sources. Using this technology the sensor is at least 1/2" away from the sensor and will thus reduce the rate of sensor deterioration.This camera is currently based on the industry standard Hitachi KP-M1AN. Camera specs are therefore the same. The camera of choice may be changed with payment of some engineering charges. Our scintillation layer is applied directly to the surface of the fiber-optic coupler for maximum efficiency . The thickness of the layer can be adjusted and its preparation is our proprietary technology. This layer is very sensitive to scratches and thus the camera ships with a thin aluminum cover plate.

  • X ray energy sensitivity varies between 5 to 120 keV
  • Analog NTSC output is very convenient output for computer viewing
  • 470TVL resolution
  • Based on Hitachi 2/3 in sensor via KP-M1AN
  • Customizeable fiber tapers available
  • We bond Fiber Taper directly to CCD surface
  • Expected lifetime of CCD greatly enhanced via use of FO coupling
  • Individually built and tested by experts
  • Recommended Frame Grabber is Euresys Picolo but works with any FG
  • Camera can integrate up to 1/2 second or integration can be performed via FG
  • this modification is avail for your camera as well...
Camera Applications
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Military Technology
  • Optical Inspection at Close Proximity
  • Magnification Applications
  • PCB Inspection


Imager 2/3"
Pixels 768x494
Cell Size 1.64x13.5
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Resolution 570
SN 56 dB
Gamma 45 or 1.0
AGC On/Off
Shutter 1/100-1/10000
Sync Internal/External
Trigger Field on Demand
Output RS-170 1.0 V p-p
Power 12V DC
Fiber Bundle 16mm, 25mm, 50mm
Input Diameter standard (other sizes available on request)
Input Pixel Sizes (horizontal) 20um, 31um, 63um
Limiting Resolution at Input Window (depending on x-ray coating) 18 lp/mm, 12 lp/mm, 6 lp/mm
Energy Range 5 to 120 keV (can be optimized for certain energy ranges)
Input Window Protective Cover Aluminum (other window materials available upon request)
Options X-ray coating thickness optimized for imaging application External camera gain/offset control for greater dynamic range
Video RS-170, 1.0 V p-p


Ordering Information
Fiber Cam/H/XX: Standard Unit X-Ray camera with GdOS
Fiber Cam/Option 1: Without any scintillation surface
Fiber Cam/Option 2: Enhanced sensitivity option- external camera gain adjustment unit via a modification to the KP-M1AN camera

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